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Commercial Single Head Ice Cream Machine CF7126

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  • Description
    Weight 92 g
    Dimensions 47 × 790 × 930 cm
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    Features & Details:

     •    Precision controlled refrigeration system designed for quality product consistency from the first cone to the last.

    •    Hard-working, compact counter-top unit that can handle peak demands, while providing years of dependable service.

    •    Auto-mixing mixer in hopper saves precious time instead of handling mix manually every 2 hours.

    •    Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product.

    •    Built-in air pumps inject the exact amount of air into your mix, maintaining overrun to ensure maximum profitability.

    •    Self-closing spigot eliminates waste and ensures precise portion control.

    •    Adjustable dispense rate for optimal product output. Built for consistent control of all mixes, including low-fat, low-sugar mixes.

    •    Built for ease of operation and cleaning.


    Model CF7126/D828
    Product Dimension (L*W*H) 340X730X805mm
    Packing Dimension 470X790X930mm
    Packaging Plywood case
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight 82KG/92KG
    Rated Power 2000W
    Hopper Capacity 9LX1
    Freezing Cylinder Capacity 1.9LX1
    Producing Capacity 26L/h
    Main Compressor/Refrigeration/HP R404A/1HP
    Hopper Pre-cooling YES
    Precooling Compressor/Refrigeration/HP NO
    Overnight function YES
    Lack Of Mix Alarm YES
    Hopper Agitator YES
    Defrosting function NO
    Condenser Microchannel
    Beater Material S/S 304
    Hopper Material S/S 304
    Panel Material S/S 304
    Handle Material S/S 304
    Beater Motor 900W
    Fan Motor Big fan motor
    Display Screen LED Screen
    Air Pump NO


    The machine comes with 12 months full warranty. That covers repairs and replacement parts for the machine in the first 12 months of ownership. If you need any replacement parts for the machine then please contact us.

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    Commercial Single Head Ice Cream Machine CF7126

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